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Swimming pool equipment
-Various brushes for different pools
-We make about 3,000,000pcs annually
-Offer both OEM and ODM

Swimming pool equipment-


New! The Wall Whale XL

The Best Just Got Bigger


Since its introduction in 2004, the Wall Whale has been recognized by the industry as the most effective brush on the market. The tail holds the brush against the wall making brushing a breeze. Now it is on the most amazing brush on the market. The new patent pending brush features a large swept surface loaded with big fat nylon bristles. The Wall Whale XL is 20" compared to 18" for normal brushes. The all plastic design is structurally engineered to be stronger than metal backed brushes and is made from no-break polypropylene (the same material they use for stadium seats).


The Wall Whale XL - Bigger, Better, Faster!


Brushing Your Pool The Hard Way

A Real Pain In The Back!

With an ordinary brush, you use two hands to make a series of short strokes, one hand to hold the brush against the pool surface and the other to push the brush down. 


This method requires multiple passes over the same area and is strenuous because there is no way to hold the brush firmly against the pool surface.

Brushing Your Pool The Wall Whale Way

Use Your Arms And Shoulders

With the Wall Whale, the key is to start at the waterline and keep it moving.


Position the brush so the bristles are at the top of the waterline, reach as high on the pole as possible, and make one fluid stroke to the bottom of the pool.


As long as the Wall Whale is moving, it will grip the walls (or bottom) of the pool.

A new brush will have “chatter” which causes it to bounce slightly for the first 10-15 strokes.  Thereafter it will move smoothly.


Whether for routine pool maintenance, algae removal or new pool startup brushing, there is no easier way to brush your pool than with the Wall Whale.


No matter how hard you try, it's almost impossible to hold the brush against the pool surface.  Whether for routine brushing, algae removal or new pool startup brushing, there is no easier way to brush your pool.  Just like a spoiler on a car, the tail on the Wall Whale works like a spoiler to hold the brush firmly against the pool surface.

Push Down With One Hand

With the Wall Whale, you simply push down with one hand and the force of the water against the Wall Whale creates pressure between the brush and pool surface.  As long as the brush is moving, even with the pole fully extended, the Wall Whale will hold the brush firmly against the pool surface.

Creates More Than 10x The Force

Just like a car's spoiler helps it hug the road, the force of the water against the Wall Whale helps the brush stay against the pool surface.  As the Wall Whale moves through the water, the water pushes the brush against the pool surface with more than 10x the force.  The Wall Whale eliminates skipping and the need to brush a single area over and over to clean the surface.

Effortless Flipping Action

As you pull the Wall Whale back to the top, the tail flips forward to eliminate drag.  The shape of the tail gently lifts the Wall Whale off the pool surface so you are only brushing on the down-stroke toward the pool drain.

Adjustable Angle

Sometimes you're brushing for routine maintenance, sometimes it's to remove algae or for new pool startup brushing.  The Wall Whale has a setting for any need.  Set it on low for normal maintenance, set it on Medium to High for algae removal or new pool startup brushing.



Home Owners

T. Hovatter

 Arcadia, CA

"I'm 66 years old now and sweeping my pool has become increasingly difficult for me. However, my new Wall Whale has saved the day. Thanks a lot for coming up with it."

S. Longo

 Cincinnati, Oh

"We recently installed a new pool and were in a desperate way. After a couple of weeks of brushing our pool with the cheap brush our builder provided, our children were coming out of the pool with cuts on their feet!  Our pool company recommended getting the Wall Whale brush. I called immediately and I had the brush I needed by 9am the next day! Since then, no more cuts on the feet! Kudos to Customer Service! They went out of their way to make sure we received our brush ASAP and followed-up with a phone call after. A Million Thanks!"

Orlando Sentinel Article


Steve Montgomery of Orlando, who has one arm, discovered the Wall Whale. "What used to take 20 minutes of struggle is now about a six-minute, manageable task." says Steve.

Very Satisfied Customer


"I have to tell you that I saw your product for the first time at a friends house and tried it myself cause I didn't believe it would be so easy and work so good. I ran out on Monday and bought myself one. I am recommending it to all of my friends and coworkers who own a pool. Thanks for a terrific product!“

Tim Anderson

 Phoenix, Az

"Hi Greg,

I just wanted to write you and let you know how I feel about the Wall Whale. I've been using it for a few months now and feel it's definitely the best invention ever. It saves me so much energy. It makes my weekly task of brushing the pool from something I greatly dread, now to something acceptable and something I can live with. (I have a very large pool, so it always took a long time and was a BIG weekly job for me.)

Your invention has greatly helped the quality of my life in regards to time and energy."


 Phoenix, AZAlberto Sancho

 Fresno, CA

"I have to tell you that I saw your product for the first time at a friends house and tried it myself because I didn't believe it would be so easy and work so good. I ran out on Monday and bought myself one. I am recommending it to all of my friends and coworkers who own a pool. Thanks for a terrific product!"

"Everything you say about this product is true.....for the first time I can say all the sides of my pool were getting scrubbed with little effort. Every pool owner will buy one..get the message out."

R Neal

 Fremont, CA

"We love this product!  It makes brushing the sides of the pool so much easier, causing less pain to my elbows. Thanks for inventing such a great product."

Brenda Stepp

 Houston, Tx

"As a rule, given a choice between mowing the lawn and brushing the pool, my teenage boys and I are unanimous, we mow. The Wall Whale is going to change all that, it is phenomenal! My pool used to take me 1 to 1 1/2 hours to brush. This means it rarely received that needed brushing. I just did it in a half hour with the Wall Whale! What's more, my arms aren't aching from keeping the brush pressed up against the sides of the pool. Thank you! I too want to know if you are publicly traded! This is the one tool no pool owner should be without!


You are more than welcome to use my testimonial and I will happily recommend the Wall Whale to friends and family!"


Patent blongs to   Oriental has autority to sell.

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